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Facebook Reviews

We are so pleased about the latest reviews that we have had on Facebook that we thought we would share the comments below

My three boys have all had their first lessons this week. They all loved their lessons and are looking forward to next week. The tutors are amazing and helped them to feel comfortable and engage quickly. Thank you

Our son had his first session with Tutors That Count today. Any nerves he had were quickly dispelled. He really enjoyed his interactive session.

Polly is tutoring my son (Y5) who loves maths but has had a knock of confidence over the last year. What an amazing job she is doing he is back to his old self, loving maths and has such a great understanding now of things that he has struggled with in the past. Polly is kind, good fun and my son looks forward to his lessons. Thank you you have been invaluable and a saving grace over this tricky lockdown time.

My daughter thoroughly enjoys her weekly session, her confidence in maths has grown immensely since she started and has continued to grow virtually since her school had to close due to the pandemic. In her own words ‘Maths is now fun’ she remains focused throughout the hour session and always says the time goes far too quickly.

As a parent it gives me piece of mind whilst juggling full time work and home schooling that she has that one on one focus. I cannot recommend Tutors That Count enough and more importantly neither can my daughter.

My daughter has loved the sessions she has with Julie and always looks forward to them. I have definitely noticed an improvement in her times tables too. Would absolutely recommend.

Would highly recommend Tutors That Count.

My daughter has been using one of the tutors for a while now. We started face to face and now Skype...must say I was a bit sceptical about online teaching, but they have been amazing...great teaching.

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