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Updated: Feb 28, 2021

We want to share the wonderful reviews that we have received from our parents in the past week. So pleased that we are able to support so many students in our community and beyond during these tough times.

Samia Malik from Tutors That Count has been the most fabulous maths tutor for both my sons. I have one in Year 7 who I was concerned might lose confidence with maths during lockdown. Samia has worked so hard with him, he adores his lessons, and he's become so confident in his abilities - it's a joy to see. I also have a son in Year 8 who has cemented his maths knowledge during lockdown, which has been invaluable. Elliot Wolsey tutors my boys together in Science. He engages them with such interesting subjects that really spark his imagination - it's great to see them get a real buzz out of science. Polly at Tutors That Count stepped in quickly and efficiently when I contacted - I'm so impressed with the company and have been recommending to friends.

R. Aldridge

I cannot recommend Tutors That Count enough. My 15 year old son is receiving maths tutoring from Joy and the increase in his confidence and knowledge is immeasurable. Both Polly and Joy are an absolute pleasure to deal with and, particularly during the recent disruptions, finding them has proved invaluable.

E. Hedges

Our son is in top set year 10 maths and has been struggling with confidence. Tutor's that count was recommended to us by a family member. We spoke with Polly who was very helpful and she put us in touch with their GCSE teacher Joy. Joy has been amazing with our son, explaining things at a level he understands and never making him feel silly of he can't grasp the concept. His confidence is growing with his weekly sessions and we wouldn't hesitate to recommend Tutors that Count.

A. Waters

We have had a tough time with huge issues last year in Maths, due to poor teaching, lockdown, frustration and simply not finding my sons "Eureka moment". But Polly has worked wonders with my son during the last lockdown till now. To the point that he passed his entrance exam into high school and also achieved a scholarship. I will be forever grateful for the kindness, support, understanding and positive vibes given to my son by Polly. Her teaching methods are fun, and so is she. If your thinking of getting a tutor Tutors that count won’t let you down!

T. Bookal

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