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Maths Tuition Slots now finally available for June and September 2021

Sadly, we will soon be losing many of our Year 11 students once they complete their final GCSE and A-Level assessments. They have all been an absolute joy to work with and we wish them all the very, very best for the future.

This does mean that we will have some availability for Year 7 to Year 12 students from June and September 2021 onwards. This academic year we were fully booked from September, with the odd slot becoming available throughout the year. Therefore, we would recommend that you reserve your slot now for the next academic year.

At the moment, we have over 80 students that we support in Maths, mainly from the surrounding areas of Beccles, Bungay, Lowestoft and Framlingham. We only have seven spaces available from June / September onwards.

For more information or to reserve your space, please visit

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