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Meet Elliot, our new Chemistry / Biology Tutor for KS3 to A-Level

We are delighted to welcome Elliot to our team. Elliot will offer GCSE tuition in Chemistry and Biology and also tuition in Chemistry A-Level. We understand that many students would like tuition across the sciences at GCSE and so Elliot is happy to alternate his lessons between Chemistry and Biology. He has one online tuition slot remaining starting on Tuesday 17th November at 17:30. Lessons last one hour and cost £32.00. If you would like to book Elliot for tuition, please visit

Let's find out a little more about the latest member of our team...

Introducing Elliot Wolsey

Teaching experience

I have had three years experience teaching science in contrasting secondary schools. I have had the opportunity to take on a pastoral role in this time and have expanded my expertise into teaching A-level subjects

Why do you tutor Science?

After completing my undergraduate degree in Natural Sciences at University College London, I moved on to complete a PhD in Astrobiology where I carried out research on the formation of biosignatures for life detection on Mars.

I completed my PGCE(M) with Chemistry specialism in 2016 and have taught in high schools, teaching GCSE, IGCSE and A level Chemistry.

Other interests

Reading fantasy/adventure books, gaming, running and writing novels.

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