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Welcoming Dr Sharon Jones to our Maths Tuiton Team

We are delighted to welcome Dr Sharon Jones to our team who will be offering individual Maths tuition for 9-15 year olds.

Let's find out a little more about the latest member of our team...

Introducing Dr Sharon Jones...

Teaching experience

I have been involved in teaching for six years, teaching lower and upper KS2. As well as teaching I was the Maths, Science, and PE lead. I designed the school Maths teaching policy which was subsequently rolled out across the academy.   I enjoy teaching all abilities whether it be helping students to achieve their SATS or going on further to gain GCSE Foundation Maths at year 6. I am also experienced in one to one teaching both face to face and online.  

Why do you tutor maths?

I have always been fascinated by Maths.  It is a fundamental tool that helps us understand the world. My background was in science and a good grasp of Mathematics is absolutely essential to make progress in this field. I like my lessons to be interactive so that the children learn in an enjoyable environment that allows their confidence to build as well as the curiosity to learn.

Other interests

Running, yoga, cycling, reading, gardening and walking our dog Millie.

If you would like to book Sharon to tutor your child, please visit

Our online one-to-one tuition lessons last 45 minutes and cost £24.00

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