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What to do if your A-Level results were not as expected

We have been watching the news this morning as A-Level students receive their grades; some overjoyed, some distraught.

If your grades were not as expected, remember...

-Speak to your school to gain advice about what to do next.

-If you have applied to university, call them to see if they can still offer you a place.

-If your mock exams were graded higher than your A-level results, you can ask your school to appeal the result.

-You can go through UCAS clearing to find an alternative university place / course

-You can retake your A-levels in the Autumn term and if your exam result is higher, this will become your new A-Level grade. We do have tutors who can help with this.

-Gain careers advice to find alternative routes to your chosen career. The National Careers Service offers impartial advice and can be contacted on 0800 100900 from 8am-10pm

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