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What to expect when A-Level results are published tomorrow

Year 13 students will finally receive their A-Level results tomorrow after a particularly challenging year. Here are some key facts about what you can expect and do if your results are not quite what you had hoped for...

How will I receive my A-Level results?

You should receive your results from about 8am via email. If you have applied to go to university, the UCAS tracker system will directly receive your results.

What can I do if my results do not meet my university offer?

If your results do not meet your university offer, contact your university to see if they will still consider offering you a place. If this is not successful, UCAS will be running its normal clearing process to help you find a suitable alternative. Details of the clearing process and how to apply can be found at

What can I do if my results are better than anticipated and I want to find an alternative university place?

If you have exceeded the conditions of your university offer, you can look for an alternative course using UCAS's Adjustment Service at If you try adjustment but do not find what you had hoped for, your original university place will still be safe.

What can I do if I am disappointed with my A-Level results?

On the 11th August the 'triple lock' process was introduced for students getting their A-Level results this year. What does this mean?

  • Tomorrow you will receive your results that have been moderated by an exam board.

  • If your results are below your mock exam grade, you can ask your school or college to send evidence of your mock exam results to appeal your final A-Level grade. If the appeal is successful, you will receive the result you achieved in your mock exam.

  • Another option is to retake your exams this Autumn. If your new exam results are higher than your mock exam and A-Level result, this will become your new A-Level grade.

If you do have to resit your exams in the Autumn term, it is likely you will need to postpone your university course for one year. There are many options that you can do in this year to enhance your career.

You could:

  • Study for additional qualifications that would further strengthen your career prospects

  • Travel, work abroad or volunteer for charitable work

  • Gain further experience in your field of interest through work placements. Try writing a letter to companies to ask for a placement

  • Gain advice on what to do next using a careers advice service. The National Careers Service offers impartial advice and can be contacted on 0800 100900 from 8am-10pm. From personal experience, we can highly recommend contacting Ann Starkie at

We really hope that all of you receive the grades you have worked so hard to achieve and wish you the very best of luck for tomorrow.

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