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Well done to all of our GCSE students on their brilliant results this Summer. Here are a few emails we have received from our happy students and parents...

Woohoo - he got a 5/5 in Combined Science and a 5 in Maths (foundation level for both) - so chuffed for him. All down to the hard work and support of Jane and Sarah - hugely grateful and enormously relieved!


Tutors That Count

Private tuition by qualified, experienced teachers for students aged seven to adult. 

Maths for KS3, GCSE, A-Level

English and / or Maths for KS2.

To book your first session, please complete the Contact Form at the bottom of the page and include the date and time of the session you would like to book.

Our tutors are all qualified, experienced and enthusiastic teachers who enjoy working individually with students from KS2 to A-Level.

All lessons are planned around the needs of each individual student and sessions are online so the tutors can reach you wherever you may be!  We can also offer some face to face sessions, dependent on location

Sessions cost:

£30:00 for 45 minutes

£40.00 for one hour

£45.00 for one hour A-Level tuition​

These prices are fixed until August 2024

Primary Maths and English Tuition from 2nd October 2023 - Available sessions below​​

  • Tuesdays (Fortnightly) 16:30-17:15 

GCSE Maths Tuition from 2nd October  2023 - Available sessions below

  • Tuesday 15:40-16:40

  • Wednesday 19:00-20:00

From the 6th November with Jane Haward - GCSE teacher and examiner

Mondays 16:30-17:15, 17:30-18:15, 18:30-19:15

Tuesdays 16:30-17:15, 17:30-18:15, 18:30-19:15

Wedmesdays 16:30-17:15

A-Level Maths Tuition from 26th September 2023 - Available sessions below

  • Mondays: 16:30-17:30, 17:45-18:45

  • Tuesdays: 16:30-17:30

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you would like to discuss how we could help. Scroll down and click on the subject that you are interested in to find out more...

If you would like to chat or book a session, please leave your name and telephone number by completing the short 'Contact Form' below. Polly will be in touch within 24 hours of receiving your request.​​

If you have any questions whatsoever, please pop a message in the contact form below. We will then give you a call at your suggested time to have an informal chat

01502 475225

Thanks for submitting!

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