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Frequently Asked Questions

What Platforms Do You Use For Online Tuition?

From experience, we have found that Zoom is the preferred platform for our clients.  It is both free to download and easy to use.  Zoom allows you to share documents and have video contact.  We can also use other platforms such as Teams for the sessions.

What Areas Of The Country Do You Cover?

The beauty of online tuition is that you can use Tutors That Count no matter where you live.  We are based around Beccles, East Anglia but our online service can be used around the U.K.

What If My Child Does Not Enjoy The Sessions?

We always encourage parents and carers to approach us straight away if they have any concerns or questions.  Although we have luckily never had to deal with this issue, we know that this may arise from time to time.  Through talking with you, we are sure that we can find a solution, whether that means tweaking our lessons in some way or finding a different tutor.  At any point, if you are not happy with the solution, you can always stop.

Do You Offer Tuition In Other Subjects?

Although Maths is our main focus, we are beginning to offer tuition in English (KS2) and Science (GCSE) using only subject specialist teachers.  It is very important to us that we only provide tutors that are both teachers and are specialists in the subjects they offer for tuition.

I Am Really Interested In Joining Your Company, What Do I Need To Do?

We are always interested in talking to teachers who love the subject they teach as much as we do. It is very important to us that any member of our team is a qualified teacher, has taught in the UK for 5+ years, has an enhanced DBS and has a subject specialism to offer.  If this is you, we would very much look forward to hearing from you.

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